WaTo Consulting has been offering  innovative HR consulting services for the last 10 years. Our sole focus is to reduce the complexities small and mid-sized companies face. Our professional team is here to simplify HR.

With our premium consulting services, you will be able to handle your HR tasks more efficiently. We show you how to achieve your long term strategic goals and streamline your business effectively. We believe in offering top notch service. From developing the procedures and policies required to run your department equitably and effectively, to offering professional training for managers and your entire workforce, we handle everything for you.

WaTo’s experience has come from a high level training in McDonald’s Management, Recreation and Sport Industry and recently the Restaurant Industry so rest assured you will be able to handle everything in the best way possible.

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  • Small Business Advice

    We understand the struggles of small businesses and offer premium advice that can actually help them to get back on the track easily. With our innovative solutions, small businesses can integrate effective HR processes and practices in their daily operations

  • Contract Advice

    Sometimes we need a second pair of eyes and hands to ensure the contract we prepare is effective. We offer remarkable advice that will help you convey your ideas into a reality

  • HR Management

    We believe in maximizing the client’s performance and helping them manage HR seamlessly. With our best practice Human Resources products and services, you will be able to manage everything appropriately.We also provide periodic feedbacks regarding your performance so that you can keep track of everything.

WaTo Consulting HR Services

Small Business Advice

It’s not easy for a business to navigate this competitive industry and we are here to offer you the most reliable advice. Our consultants have years of experience and know all the ins and outs of this business world, providing sound advice to help you improve your business.

Contract Advice

If you are creating a contract and need second pair of eyes to guide and help you complete it, we are here to assist. Our professionals have the knowledge and experience required to create contracts so we leave no stone unturned when it comes to providing sound advice.

Restructure Advice

Need restructuring advice? If you are one of those who are learning new ways to enhance your business and you need some innovative advice, we can help you navigate this complex world of business restructure.

HR Management

Has managing your HR become a confusing hassle? Let our experts guide you by offering the best strategies to manage your HR effortlessly. No more wasting time and money.


Need some training help? Don’t know how to approach this tough marketing world? We offer you the best training solutions to ensure you achieve the goals you set.

Award Interpretation

If you need groundbreaking awards interpretation consultation, we can help. Our family of professional consultants works passionately with one goal in mind: To create a friendly atmosphere of encouragement that makes all clients feel at home.

Policy & Procedures

Devising policies and procedures is very complex and a single mistake can create big problems. Our experts guide you to develop policies that help you present your business in the best way possible.

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The team here at WaTo Consulting are always up to date with the cutting-edge technology to help your business without wasting time and money.
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