Currency Solutions

We supply, service and maintain high end, quality note counting, coin counting, and cash processing equipment. We are a full service team, looking after you from purchasing your equipment, to maintenance, servicing and beyond. Our team dedicate themselves to helping your business become more efficient using tailored solutions.

  • Products

    Note counters, coin counters, cash processing equipment

    We offer a range of high quality, specialised equipment offering cutting edge counterfeit detection, impeccable accuracy, and above all, easy use. We offer maintenance and servicing for all products available.

  • Maintenance & Servicing

    Reliable and prompt support from our professional technicians.

    Our expert technicians will ensure smooth operation of equipment through regular maintenance, and fast resolutions in the event of breakdowns.

  • Parts

    Authentic replacement parts for a range of cash handling equipment.

    We offer spare and replacement parts for all your cash handling equipment needs, and our professional technicians can install and repair a wide range of parts.

WaTo Consulting is extremely well equipped to handle your currency solutions. Why?

• We have decades of experience in currency and cash processing solutions, and can provide expert advice and solutions.

• Our in-house professional technicians provide expert services and regularly undergo further training to ensure their knowledge is always keeping up with new technology.

• We offer a range of high end, top quality cash processing equipment including note counters, coin counters, scales and more.

• Our regular maintenance schedule ensures your equipment will experience minimal downtime, and be repaired quickly in the event of any errors or breakdowns.

• Our technicians are on call and offer rapid response times and immediate aid during any outages or breakdowns.

• Multiple servicing plan levels, including asset management done in-house.