Courtney Manser Copy

Senior Body Corporate Guru

Working since 2012 within the real estate industry has placed Courtney in various roles during her time.
Administrator, Commercial Property Management Assistant, and Body Corporate Manager being the main roles she has taken on.

Not only has Courtney excelled, but she has also shown passion, willingness to learn, and a strive to be better in order to make the industry better, with her previous roles in real estate building a knowledge base that few have at her age within the industry. Courtney is brilliant at understanding clients’ needs. She takes the time to listen, evaluate and devise a plan that works for all parties. Together with this, honesty and loyalty are Courtney’s biggest traits. Courtney is approachable, always gives 110% to her clients and will not give up until whatever problem she is faced with is solved.

Working closely with Emma Dickenson, Courtney has too realized that the industry as it is currently known, requires change. Building the real estate branch together, through WaTo Consulting, allows agencies, private landlords, body corporate firms, and self-managed body corporates a space to come to for any support, advice, and internal help that may be needed. No matter how small or large the task, Courtney is here to help to make your life easier with a world of knowledge and experience.

Give her a call or send her an email – you won’t regret it.

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